Time exists now along the frontiers of our actions and innovations
On the precipice of a new story
One that will help guide the culture we dare to imagine is available to all of us

We see the future as an opportunity 
One that provides and nurtures 
That is whole and inclusive
with enough presence and hope to deliver new possibilities

There is power in the individual and structure in the community
Far removed from the absence of agency many are forced to tolerate
We believe in what is to come so we will give voice and space to it 

The goal is to go along and to carry our people with us


Who are we?

We are a collective of artists, creators and innovators working together to restructure the African creator and ownership economies by harnessing the power of Web3 and blockchain technology. We believe that by coalescing over our shared values, cultural identity and common goals and mobilising to leverage our individual value, assets and skills we can create and sustain a new plane of existence where we can revel in our collective glory. A place where African creators are empowered to express the depth of our cultures freely and are finally able capture the value we’ve created for the rest of the world from the very beginning.

What is our ethos?

Our ethos is built on the purpose to make knowledge and resources pertaining to Web3 and blockchain technology more accessible to and effective for Africans. We believe that by honing in on what the blockchain makes possible - decentralization, provenance, democratised and accessible finance, equitable access to resources, information and bottom-up governance - we can help to challenge and rewire the oppressive systems and industries we’ve been historically confined to.

What are our plans and missions?

  • We want to be a safe and welcoming entry point to Web3, free of judgement and pressure. By curating a well-organised knowledge base that disseminates information and insights on all the moving parts of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, Web3 and their implications, we hope to educate users and connect them to pathways that align closely with their skills or spark new interests . 

  • We want to empower COLDS Cohorts: creators, innovators, and stewards of culture on the blockchain through project-funding, consulting, mentoring, curation, promotion, facilitation and creative direction services to encourage experimentation, boost innovation and accelerate deployment of web3 products, experiences and solutions.

  • We want to build a world that bridges IRL--URL with culturally relatable, enjoyable and memorable experiences that elevate our culture and generate value for the community.

  • We want to offer a hollistic outlook on Web3; its nuances, current shortcomings, all that it provides, and all the ways we can nurture it as it continues to facilitate value, growth and connection in our communities.